Appreciation – Solidarity Greetings into Year 2020 and beyond!

Dear Comrades and Friends,

I wish to express my sincere appreciate for the solidarity, support and friendship in our collective struggles against global injustices and greed of the few at the expense of the global majority.

Nevertheless the challenges associated with increasing global inequality, insecurity, poverty, climate, freedom of movement, human rights and dignity etc, there is also the need to acknowledge our collective efforts; critical exchanges, experience sharing and political actions that has created more visibility and critical societal awareness as we scandalise and expose root causes, interest and responsibilities on issues confronting the global society today.

The last years has witnessed a continued trend of state repression, racist discrimination and massive criminalisation of migrants while manipulative development aids thrives in refugee countries of origin in the interest of the Germanised EU migration politics. It has been obviously a declaration of War against migrants and those in solidarity for equal rights for all.

With maximum respect and appreciation for the continued support and solidarity for our engagement to accompany asylum seekers and promote their political visibility and interest at different levels, i also will specially want to appreciate your solidarity support in the facilitation of our monitoring and observation of deportation flights arrival in Lagos Nigeria since August last year.

We have been able to by this intervention attracted government and civil society concern on the situation of brutal deportation to Nigeria
and the stigma associated with the false information presented by the deporting country.With our establishment of the Project “Migration info Point” (
in Benin city since 2018, activities to promoting critical awareness on migration has been taking place in the Edo State region. Our mission is to promote society understanding of the potential of returning migrants (Deportees/Returnees) as experts with unique perspective that cannot be ignored in any migration debate.We have also in launched a deportation monitoring and observation mission at the lagos airport since August 2019. In collaboration with a local Netwwork SMCI (, our Team are always on ground to provide emergency support for people arriving on chartered deportation flights in Nigeria at any information received from our networks in Europe.

Since August until date, our Team have monitored and observed 7 deportation arrival flights involving Germany and single deportation through passengers flight to Nigeria.

Our Team commitments ranges from offering telephone possibilities for deported persons, organising short term hotel accommodation and other support that would facilitate the deported persons reconnection to families or friends. Our local partner are further engaged in mediating and referring the deportees further to relevant agencies or projects that could help them in re-establising a new life.

With our experiences through accompanying and engagements with the deportees and others who were deported earlier in 2019, a lot is still needed to address the miserable situation especially with German Federal and State government desperation to considerably enforce massive deportation at any cost to Nigeria.

As we wish you a happy new year and strength to continue in our collective struggles, we are calling for your continued solidarity support to facilitate our enormous activities as we take the struggle to the next level in 2020 and beyond.

Once again on behalf of the network, i wish you all a happy and fruitful new year and strength to continue in our struggles.

Solidarity Greetings

Rex Osa


About Network Refugees4Refugees

Platform for Self-organisation of Refugees
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