Germany`s Deportation controversy to Nigeria ends in Futility! Corona Versus Status quo.

A Landshut Court had by a decision on 26.03.2020 ended the weeks long controversy over continued detention of Nigerians in German deportation Prisons. The deportation co-ordination department (Regierungspräsidium  Karlsruhe) had repeatedly defended the deportation plan to legitimate the continued detention in Pforzheim deportation Prison.

The Bavarian Judge had in his decision confirmed the cancellation of the April 14. chartered deportation flight to Nigeria. According to his statement, the information was communicated in writing by the Alien office and based on actual  information from the Bavaria department for asylum and deportation.

With this development, we were able to appeal against the repeated rejections by the Karlsruhe court.

All Nigerian detainee in Pforzheim and Ingelheim deportation prison were as at yesterday evening released to go home.

Do not hesitate to inform us about Nigerians who may still be in deportation Prison.

Tel. 015213347390 Email:

via Abschiebungen wichtiger als Kampf gegen Corona!


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