Ellwangen LEA 30.04.2020 – Leaked Protest plan forces spontaneous transfer of 40 Camp inhabitants.

Statement of Inhabitants from LEA Ellwangen German


Arising from the shabby way you have been handling the recent Corona Outbreak in the camp, we are constrained to raise a few questions and concerns with regards to our safety, welfare and general wellbeing.

1. Was there a deliberate plan to get us all infected?

We ask this question because contrary to your press statement claiming that you have been taking all new transferees to quarantine since the outbreak, it is on record that you only started to apply these guidelines in April, long after the virus was reported in the camp. It is also on record that between February and March, you were aware that there were reported case in Heidelberg, yet you continued a well coordinated influx of refugees from there to our camp. Over two hundred persons were brought in within two weeks, an unprecedented record. You kept sending these new comers into the same rooms and buildings with us, until finally the index case happened. We ask why?

2. Why can’t we have a Second Test?

While we understand the cost implications in running these tests, it is pertinent to note that the peculiar nature of our case calls for a second test. Your initial test did confirm over four hundred positive cases, wrongly or rightly so. Don’t you however, get curious about the fact that almost all of these so called positive cases have remained healthy, three weeks or more after the test? Except of course, there is an innate intention to deliberately allow the spread, or just tag everybody positive for reasons best known to you. Have people not recovered from the virus after being retested, two weeks post infection in other places? Why can’t we be treated the same way and be given opportunity for another test? Why, instead, are you more interested in re-testing the few that came out negative, compelling us to repeat the question in paragraph 1 above?

3. Where Lies our Freedom of Movement?

Consequent upon the outbreak of the Covid 19, we understand that measures were put in place to reduce movement as well as establish social distancing as far apart as possible. We also are aware that those tested positive are mandated by law to go straight into isolated quarantine for a specified period, ranging between 10 to 14 days, after which their emerging status will determine wether the quarantine continues or not. Unfortunately, and curiously so, we have been subjected to an indefinite quarantine (both positive and negative persons) as the entire camp remains locked down for close to one month now, with no indication of it being re-opened anytime soon. We are therefore greatly concerned by this perpetual lockdown in spite of the fact that many of us are healthy and no one has shown any symptoms to suggest they may endanger others. Of course you have no idea how much psychology and emotional trauma this is causing us.

4. Our Suggestions

In view of the foregoings, we would like to make the following suggestions:

  • In order to alley fears and consequently ensure total compliance with all laid down guidelines towards containing and curtailing the spread of the virus, you need to, as a matter of urgency, initiate a confirmatory test to determine those that have fully recovered, and if there are indeed more existing cases in the camp.

  • As soon as you have an accurate data of the existing status within the camp, we suggest that you completely separate those who may still be positive from those that are negative, as expressly outlined in the WHO Covid 19 containment guidelines. Your current arrangement whereby we all remain in this enclosed facility is dangerously sacrilegious and should not be allowed to continue.

  • If for logistic reasons, you lack the capacity to transfer/relocate all those that are negative at once, you can at least, allow them access at the gate, of course, with strict compliance to existing guidelines. This should not be any challenge to your security operatives at the gate, as the system will indicate the status of everyone that approaches the gate.

We also want to express our displeasure with your attitude to have enforced the close down ignoring our need for some basic necessities (foodstuffs etc) that are not provided in the Camp . This attitude has created a situation malnutrition especially for the Pregnant women, mothers and their Children in the Camp. 

We are at this point asking Mr Weiss to henceforth place a standing order that foodstuff and other basic necessities should be allowed from friends as we can no longer cope with the bad feeding situation.

We raise these grave concerns and suggestions hoping you give it an accelerated attention in order to forestall any breakdown of law and order which is currently imminent in the camp, arising from residents’ frustrations occasioned by your perceived improper management of this most unfortunate situation. Live stream      Monitor


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