Detainee on Hungerstrike deported to Istanbul

More than 45 persons were gathered at the Pforzheim deportation Prison to protest continued detention migrants who could not be deported based on the current situation of the Corona lock down and Border closure.

The spontaneous protest was part of our solidarity concern for the ongoing hunger by two amongst the about 7 detainees in the Pforzheim deportation prison. The detainees are by the Hungerstrike demanding to be deported to Turkey and Morocco respectively as the can no longer cope with the continued detention and violation of their rights.

After unsuccessful telephone attempts to get statements from the detainees during the protest action, it was for us clear that the prison officials had collected their phones to deprive them of any possibility to speak during the demo.

Unknowingly to us that one of the detainee on Hunger strike was already smuggled out of the deportation prison and deported onboard a Turkish Airline to Istanbul at the same time the protest was going on in Pforzheim.

What is still not clear is the involvement of the State of Baden Württemberg with the re-opening of the initially closed down deportation Prison even at the Peak of the Corona crises for Hessen detainees at the end of April. According to statement from the Ministry of Interior – Wiesbaden to Journalist, the detainees from Eberstadt were to be transfered to Pforzheim while the Prison officials are re-assigned to take other responsibilities. On the contrary, the Pforzheim deportation Prison was closed down in March with detainees released to protect themselves from the Covid 19 infection based on pressure.

Demo Reports:


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