With the nigerian Government announcing its plans to resume International flight
operations in about 10 days from now, so-called tolerated asylum seekers (Geduldet/suspension of deportation) in Germany should expect massive deportation enforcement to Nigeria soon.

Considering failed deportation attempts and deportation several hearings organised
in the Peak of the Corona Pandemic, there should be no doubt about the availability
of more than enough deportation certificates to facilitate the massive deportation plan
from Germany.

We are indeed worried about such deportation enforcement at a time when the world is battling with the traumatic effect of the Covid 19 and Germanys desperation to enforce brutal deportation to include children, mothers and sick persons who are to be abandoned and left stranded on arrival at the Nigeria cargo Airport area in Lagos.

Persons who may not be too sure of their actual situation and those who were previously listed for the previous failed deportation attempts are advised to contact their Lawyers and inform themselves as enforcement of arrest could take place any moment from now.

For more information and otherwise interest to sponsor a deported child and otherwise support deported persons (especially mothers and sick), please contact;

Network für Critical Migration Conciousness (Nigeria)
Email: ( 
Tel./Wazapp: +234.902.702.7315 / +234.817.346.3700

Verein Flüchtlinge für Flüchtlinge (Germany)
Email: (
Tel./Signal: +49.1517.2207.248
/ Wazapp +49.1521.3347.390


About Network Refugees4Refugees

Platform for Self-organisation of Refugees
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