Refugee Community joins Nigeria: March to Berlin Dec, 10, 2020

The BW Refugee Community is calling on asylum seekers to mobilise themselves for the “Nigeria: March to Berlin” demo planned for December 10th. in fron of the Nigerian Embassy and the German Chancellors office both in Berlin

With the protest serving as further action to the #EndSArs protest of October in the streets of Nigeria, A strong coalition of Nigerians diaspora in Germany will be presenting their demands and re-solution with a call for total restructure of the manipulated Nigerian state.

Asylum seekers being one major sector of the victimised Nigerian society are expected to identify strongly with the protest as every single nigerian has one experiences or the other with Police violence, unlawful arrest, imprisonment and extra-judicial killings which could involve a family member, friends and their family members.

Asylum seekers will during the protest denounce all forms of corrupt and dubious Nigerian – German collaboration. Emphasis will focus on Germany`s responsibilities to creating refugees with a call to demand a stop to the continued tradition of criminalizing of migrants and Asylum seekers in Germany

The #EndSars protest was borne out of many years of frustration, insecurity, unjustified and arbitrary violence that has in one way or the other played a major role in the massive migration and flight from Nigeria.


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