Deportation Alert ! Germany Exports Corona to Nigeria

Germany has scheduled a charter deportation operation to Nigeria for December 10th on the same day Nigerians in Germany will be protesting against police brutality in Nigeria and the Germany complicity in the destability of Africa.

This German deportation arrogance comes as a big slap on migrants and the African communities as the choice of date for this deportation coincides not only with the commemoration of the global human right day but also that the protest of Nigerians in Berlin was preceded by a resolution conveying a stand against deportation amongt other things that was sent to the Federal chancellor before the protest date.

The fact that Germany will continue in with deportation enforcement amidst the Corona pandemic and its position as a corona hotspot expresses Germany´s determination to export corona to Nigeria and aid further destabilization of the African continent at large.

Reflecting on the situation of the scandalous corona outbreak in German refugee camps like Ellwangen in Baden Württemberg, Asylum seekers were locked up and not allowed to leave the Camp for many weeks, even for those who had tested negative to the covid 19 were neither separated nor allowed to leave the camp as well. It was all about protecting the Germans.

During the peak of the corona pandemic in March, Germany and its allies were quick to place ban travelling ban on flights from Africa as they envisaged a serious corona impact in the African continent. unfortunately enough the reverse has been the case.

With Germany being corona hotspot at the moment, the Nigerian people cannot be protected like Germans hence a negative corona test is sufficient to enforce deportation to Nigeria. Asylum seekers were been ordered by district Alien Authorities to undertake corona test in preparation for deportation.

Going by this development, the German government is actively engaging in exporting corona to further aid destabilization in Nigeria and the African continent at large. Such act of the Angela Merkel led government is an obvious show of contempt, lack of solidarity and No regrets for the colonial atrocities against the African people because as far as the German government is concerned, the lives of Africans do not deserve to be protected.

We are by the report calling on asylum seekers, migrant community, migrant solidarity activist and networks to mobilize their friends around Berlin to join our protest at the Nigerian Embassy and the German Chancellors Office today.

Our Protest against Police Brutality in Nigeria symbolizes denouncement of all forms of Police violence in Germany and everywhere.


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