Deportation to Nigeria 19.01.2021

Thirty-eight Nigerians were deported onboard a charter deportation flight “Evelop deportation Machine to Nigeria on Tuesday this week. With München playing host for this deportation, 13 deported persons from Austria and 1 persons from Hungary joined 24 others onbord the deportation flight which landed in Lagos shortly before 15 hours.


This deportation took place alongside several other deportation to Afganistan, Pakistan, the Balkan region etc, as part of Germany`s continued determination to enforce massive deportation regardless of the risk it poses in this time of the Corona Pandemic.

A family father narrated his experience of arrest with his children at midnight as they transfered them from one police cell to the another before reaching the München Airport deportation detention to join the others.

A single Mother also narrated how she was arrested and her 4 years old daughter picked up from school and conveyed deportation custody some few days prior to the scheduled deportation flight departure.

Another deported person reported a brutal experience from the Police as a little Girl pleaded not stepping onboard the deportation machine, he expressed strong suspicion over the sudden calmness of little girl from that point until the flight arrival in Nigeria.

According to the DERS Team who were on ground to receive and support the deported persons on arrival, most of the deported persons were arrested around Baveria area and detained for days before the scheduled deportation flight.

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