Warning! Charter deportation Flight to Nigeria Tomorrow 27.07.2021

According to a protest statement issued out by a refugee support group in Schornborn/Kronau near Heidelberg, Germanys is said to be actively involved in the planned deportation operation to Nigeria tomorrow 27.07.2021. Information reaching us initially confirmed the planned deportation flight from Austria but we were very suspicious of Germanys participation based on the usual experiences.

First integrate then deport? Not with us!
Andi Olalere Adgebite from Nigeria trained as a specialist in the hospitality industry and – not surprisingly given the Corona pandemic – was subsequently unable to find a job. He then started training as a nursing assistant at the hospital in Schwetzingen, where he is also employed. He speaks good German and lives with (German) friends. He got a driving licence and bought a car to be able to pursue his work in Schwetzingen. Integration has really succeeded here – that is the opinion of many who know and appreciate Andi. He belongs to Bad Schönborn!
Now, a few days ago, the police surprisingly appear to take Andi into deportation custody. The judge ordered that “the person concerned is not to be taken into custody”. On 22.07.2021, only one day later, the regional council informs them that the planned deportation will go ahead because he is “not employed in the hospitality industry but in the care sector”. That sounds almost cynical: if you were employed in the hospitality industry, we would decide differently? Where is there a job in the hospitality industry in Corona times? And with so many vacancies in the catering industry at the moment, why not go down the route of finding a job there? The deportation is planned for next Tuesday as part of a collective action to Nigeria.
We – as the refugee aid organisation Bad Schönborn – Kronau – have done a lot to help refugees find training, work and housing and to make integration a success. We have had very good experiences working together with many government agencies. Voluntary work and professional municipal administration can complement each other well and work together successfully. Everyone involved knows only too well that integration efforts can also fail. That is why it is a devastating signal if Andi is now deported. The colleagues at the hospital in Schwetzingen who heard about it yesterday spontaneously said: “Then we’ll go on strike!
It looks as if a deportation flight to Nigeria should be filled at all costs without regard to actual integration successes. Unfortunately, this is not an isolated case in recent weeks and months. This decision, if it remains as it is, is a slap in the face of all those employers who have made it possible for refugees to have training and work. Who is supposed to give a refugee work when deportation is imminent? It is also discouraging and fatal for those people who work voluntarily to ensure that integration succeeds and good neighbourliness is lived.
So let’s not waste any time. Write letters, emails and Facebook/Instagram messages to Interior Minister Thomas Strobl and to Minister President Winfried Kretschmann.
-> Share this post. Together we can still prevent the deportation flight to Nigeria!

Duldung holders whose passports are already available to the Foreign Officers my be aware of the risky situation they are confronted with at this moment. You having indefinite (Unbefristed) working permit and not getting any form of social help has nothing to do with you Asylum that has been unjustly rejected beyond reasonable doubt. Please check up with you Lawyers and your trusted Asylum counselors. Families are hereby adviced to be careful as they are usually picked up at last minute to join the flight.

More Info: +49.1521-334-7390 or DERS Team Nigeria: +234.817-346-3700 (Tel./Wazapp)


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  1. LAST MINUTE Deportation Warning!
    Bavaria is hosting tomorrow’s charter deportation operation. Participating EU member countries will be conveying the affected migrants to München Airport to catch up with the direct deportation machine to Lagos. Departure time will be around 7am. Families and persons who had submitted their nigerian Passport to the Foreign office are advised to be careful. Even those undertaking preparatory programs for voluntary returns should be on the watch out.

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