Deportation arrival in Lagos – 27.07.2021

Another batch of 35 persons were deported onboard a German – Austrian deportation enforcement operation this morning. Deported persons were 26 persons from Germany and nine others from Austria.

The deportation Machine (Air Tanker) arrived in the Cargo session of the Lagos airport at about 1pm.

Receiving the deported persons were officials of the Nigerian immigration service in the presence of a delegation from the German embassy in Lagos, Nigerian Police and airport officials.

The deported persons were made to undergo the usual immigration profiling that lasted about 2hrs within the landing area and then transported to the gate and left with no form of assistance.

Among the deported persons were a mother deported with her 3 underage children and 3 other single Ladies in the mist of 28 Men with massive police presence as usual.

DERS Team were on ground to observe the situation alongside providing emergency support for the deported persons.

One of the deported young men who spoke with us on Telephone narrated his experience of violence during the enforcement of his deportation in Schweinfurt. He accused the German authority kidnap and then smuggling him into Nigeria.


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