Charter Deportation Flight from German to Nigeria – 24.08.2021

A charter deportation enforcement flight has just landed in Lagos with 32 deported persons from Germany and Austria. The Air Tanker deportation machine departed München in the early hours of today to arrive at about 1pm this afternoon in Lagos.

All the 32 deported persons were males as 27 among them were from Germany and the other 5 from Austria. From the testimony of one of the deported persons, a pregnant Lady was to be deported with her children from Germany had to be taken away ambulance for urgent medical attention. The lady was said to have slumped in the course of boarding at the München Airport.

So far, there are no information on the actual situation of the lady and her kids. We encourage the Press and other interested members of the society to call on the Federal Police in München to ascertain that she is receiving the adequate medical attention alongside appropriate care for her kids.

We are also informed that the deportation of a lady with her four children was also cancelled and the family released from the Austrian deportation prison as a result of a last minute legal intervention.

For the arriving 32 deported persons, our DERS Team on ground has just confirmed an obligatory 7 days quarantine organized by the Nigerian government before they are allowed to find their way as the case may be.

More updates will be published soon. Tel.: +234.817.346.3700


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