Re-newed deciet to enforce massive deportation from Germany

About 10, 000 so-called “Good integrated” but rejected asylum seekers whose deportation could not be  enforced (Duldung Status holders) are to benefit from a renewed reproduction of a German enslaving residence permit Scam. Eligible rejected asylum seekers must  have been registered in Germany before 1st August 2018, no criminal conviction, working full time with total independence from social Welfare for a very long time, be competent in German language alongside the German Status quo of discriminatory administrative arbitrariness.

Report on the issue

Scandalous is that most of those convicted those convicted of crimes are asylum seekers who are unjustly criminalized by a racist justice system targeted at legitimating a deportation tradition.

By critical evaluation of the reproduced residence package, there are lots of contradictions that makes it complicated for many to understand. Of course, part of this German agenda is to keep us for the next 2 years busy demasking this Babylon propaganda

Many NGOs and Volunteers for asylum seekers are once again engulfed by this reproduced propaganda that is only meant to divert attention from Germany`s agenda for massive crimininalisation and deportation of migrants.

Through our daily experiences and testimonies from deported asylum seekers, we are at the moment witnessing a growing trend of public office holders who are lying in their official capacities to convince rejected asylum seekers about the need to present their international Passport as they are eligible to apply for this so-called “Beschaftigungs Duldung” (working residence permit) where as the ultimate agenda is to enforce their facilitate smooth enforcement of their deportation from Germany.

Through our deportation monitoring engagement in co-operation with our local DERS Team in Nigeria, it has been confirmed that about 50percent of recent deportation to Nigeria were carried out with the International Passport of the affected persons. Most of these persons had personally submitted their documents to the Alien authority based on the need to secure their working permit and apply for the aforementioned permit.

This critical analysis is not meant to discourage or discredit efforts to embrace this opportunity but rather to emphasize an understanding that this is not something new.

We must not allow ourselves to be fooled or otherwise brainwashed with such repeated “Bleiberecht” propaganda again but be guarded by the fact of a clear racist interest against migrants.

As you engage yourselves with accompanying asylum seekers for the so-called “Beschaftigung Duldung” development, please do keep an eye on Germany`s continued interest to enforce massive deportation at the all cost.

As for asylum seekers and migrants who are carried away and see this as a super positive development, we advice you to inform yourself properly before you take steps that may earn you an everlasting regret.


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