Vigil on Migration, situation of Refugees and deportation in Germany.

29.11 – 4.12. from 2 – 6 p.m. at Königstraße/Marstallstraße ( Opposite H&M near Stuttgart’s main railway station).

We are currently witnessing how brutal the EU treats human lives – at the moment in the borders with Poland. The systematic destruction of livelihoods by the Global North in the Global South has reached unprecedented proportions. War, land theft and all forms of exploitation forces people to migration, the EU in turn is engaged in hindering migration in its external borders (through the Mediterranean, barbed wire, desert or forests). The Federal Republic of Germany is at the forefront of this.

The situation for refugees in Germany is still catastrophic. Thousands of people are suffering from the psychological terror of the European migration policy. The fear of deportation, the stress of asylum procedures, the long-term dependency due to temporary residence permits and passports are formative and traumatising. Migrants are hoping for a better life, a life without war, hunger and exploitation, a life without flight. This makes independent counselling and education for and by refugees themselves all the more important. Legal counselling, exchange of experiences and public relations work on asylum procedures and observation of deportations should contribute to realising a life together (and not exclusion).

On the occasion of the conference of interior ministers in Stuttgart at the beginning of December, we want to use the time to support and advise our brothers and sisters, as well as to raise awareness about the issue of flight and deportation. There will be a daily vigil at the corner of Königsstraße and Marstallstraße/ opposite H&M (near Stuttgart’s main train station):

With an exhibition on refugee experiences and information flyers and materials, we want to sensitise passers-by on the issue. Various groups and individuals are expected to join us and offer on-site counselling on asylum issues. Amongst other groups, Representatives from The Baden Württemberg Refugee Council (Flüchtlingsrat Baden Württemberg), Women Information Center (Frauen Information Zemtrum – FIZ) will be present at the vigil on the following dates:

Monday 29.11 – The Refugee Council will be on site on Monday 29.11. from 4-6pm

Frauen Informations Zentrum (FIZ) will be present to offer counselling for refugee women* and mothers on Tuesday, 30.11. and Wednesday, 1.12. from 4-6pm.

The vigil is also meant to strengthen the self-determination and self-organisation of refugees and migrants in Baden Württemberg. We invite all individuals and solidarity groups to support this process to empower our active engagement against all forms of persecution and colonial injustice in Germany and everywhere.

Please inform other refugees and interested people around your neighbourhood or circle of acquaintances and invite them to come to the vigil.

For more info:

Tel.: 015172207248



About Network Refugees4Refugees

Platform for Self-organisation of Refugees
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