Germany must respect human rights and fundamental freedoms! A different asylum policy is demanded!

Invitation to a press conference, Friday 3 December 2021 from 2pm at the vigil on migration, the situation of refugees and deportations in Germany at the corner of Königsstraße/Marstallstraße (opposite H&M near Stuttgart main station).

Demands on the policy Belarus-Poland, Afghanistan/Syria and the asylum policy collective camp concept of deterrence. In a statement to the Conference of Interior Ministers taking place in Stuttgart atthe beginning of December, numerous groups and individuals are calling for a different asylum policy that guarantees respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe and in the Federal Republic of Germany. People who are fleeing are increasingly being denied their basic and human rights. This development must be stopped immediately, especially since the EU and its member states, through their political, economic and military interventions in the countries of origin of asylum seekers, are partly responsible for crises there, which are often the trigger for flight and migration. The EU must meet this responsibility through fair and functioning asylum and migration law. The human being must be in the foreground!

We demand that the interior ministers of the Länder (executive) disclose the agenda. Again and again, laws against the rights of refugees are passed in ad hoc procedures, which are already prepared in the drawer. Affected persons (organisations), human rights and asylum groups, as well as experts are almost excluded from the procedure.

The statement initiated by the Lager-watch network (short version) is supported by refugee councils of various federal states, local refugee initiatives, self-organised refugee groups, as well as by numerous individuals, among them the mayor Brigitta von Bülow of the city of Cologne.

The statement and the signatories can be found in the attachment to the email and under the following link: LagerWatch_IMK_Kurzversion_EN_20211201


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