Cancellation of Deportation flight to Nigeria on 21.12.2021!

Asylum seekers in the Pforzheim deportation custody are being released to go back home based on a last minute cancellation of the planned deportation flight scheduled initially for tomorrow 21.12.2021.

The detainees were already by this afternoon traumatised with the situation of being given baskets to submit their belongings for packaging as part of the preparation for their transfer to the Airport after midnight.

The usual ritual is that the Prison officials will do the packaging of their belongings in Cartons whi

le they await a team of heavy bodily build security personnel who are violence ready as they enforce the transfer of detained persons from the prison to the Airport for boarding.

All thought there is still no official confirmation on the reason for the cancellation, there is no doubt that this might be connected to the inability to obtain a landing permit for Lagos tomorrow.


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