Online meeting @ 6pm today – Refugee Empowerment

As a Refugee, Nobody can tell your story better than you

Refugees in Germany are to be reminded of their commitment to liberate themselves from racist discrimination, isolation and criminalization in Camps, Duldung Status with Work ban and residency obligation (apartheid Residenzpflicht) imposed through a German so-called Sonder Gesetzt (Special Law).

Refugees like you have in the past three decades been engaged in creating massive visibility on the miserable and inhuman asylum politics in German. The self-determined struggles had over the years created political consciousness and mobilized societal solidarity that has impacted on subsequent migration and asylum policies in Germany and Europe at large.

Although these amendments are to a large extent associated with racist compromises (repression beautified), such processes had on the other hand exposed the German status quo and its strong influence in the European migration and border politics.

The visibility of your situation today has been possible because people like you have been actively involved in the process to demand for their fundamental rights.

Do not fail to participation in today’s online meeting. There is a lot to benefit from exchanging to know your rights and connecting with experienced refugees who can accompany you through the German asylum predicaments from time to time.

Its a special opportunity for all refugees irrespective of you country of origin. Refugees from Ukraine should embrace this opportunity.

please spread this invitation to all Migrant and Refugee friends of yours anywhere


Meeting-ID: 889 8693 9045

Password: 060648

Date/Time: 1. June 2022 @ 6pm

See this video for motivation!

You must fight to claim your rights in Germany
Having waited so long without a decision on his second Asylum application, Charles and a few other refugees staged a protest in front of the central asylum application center in Karlsruhe. Their determination to remain there until a decision is reached on their asylum compelled BAMF to urgently decided positively on their cases within a few days.
Spontaneously organized refugee community protest against Lager Germany. The action on the video was part of a 45 days Bus Tour through Refugee camps in 44 districts (Landkreis) in Baden Württemberg 2013. The Bus Tour was championed by refugees activist from Schwäbisch Gmünd. The active refugees were at the time of the protest in possession of Duldung status with massive deportation threat. All those refugees involved are residence permit holders now in Germany.

About Network Refugees4Refugees

Platform for Self-organisation of Refugees
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