Charter deportation to Nigeria on June 14

Germany has so far in year 2022 hosted 3 EU deportation Charter to Nigeria. The operation had resumed after about 2 months of negotiation and pressure to obtain landing permit from the Nigerian government.

A total of 103 persons were smuggled onboard Air Tanker and Envelop Airlines into the Country, as Germany leads with 85 deportation enforced, followed by Austria (8), Spain (2) and Denmark (1) between March and April 2022.

Report from our local partners, confirms evidences of excessive violence even in the presence of minors who were been deported with their parents onboard these flights. More also, deported persons have testified about further exploitation and trauma during their quarantine in Excel Oriental Hotel in Lagos.

Arrest is ongoing in preparation for the next deportation in less than 4 days (Tuesday, June 14). We have been dealing with many cases of persons already held for weeks in different deportation centers around the country.

From our monitoring of the previous deportation operations, our local Team DERS have documented testimonies of arbitrary detention for as long as 11 months obviously with no justification by existing racist German Laws. Cases of deceit to submit proof of identity, income and Language Test for persons who are eligible for the controversial Duldung ((Beschäftigung or Ausbldung) were also reported to the the DERS Team.

One of those deported in May 10 were arrested and deported the same day he was to take his final exam to a 3 years vocation training as a Barber. There was another case of someone who was on his second year vocational training.

Asylum seekers with the Duldung Status are therefore reminded about the urgent need to seek legal advice on their actual situation.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    The German government and Nigeria government are using us for business imaging my friend that was deported with me to Nigeria on 10 05 22 was killed by his brother 15 06 22 the Nigeria government and German government are forstrathing people live dey don’t even care if you die or not when the German deported some body dey have shear on inch person that is what dey are doing

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