Panic! Deportees from Germany may face brutal evacuation from Quarantine Hotel in Lagos. 20.06.2022

Quarantine period for the batch of 34 deported persons from Europe to Lagos will end today, the affected persons will be expected to check out from the Hotel by tomorrow morning or face violent evacuation as the case may be. These deported persons were deported on Tuesday June 14 onboard an Evelop Machine to arrive after midday at the cargo session of the Lagos Airport.

Notwithstanding our criticism, challenging the Nigerian government to own up to its responsibility for deported persons to Nigerians and at the same time take a bold stand to confront Germany`s arrogance and disrespect for Nigerian and its citizens, its seeming clearer now that these deportation is Big either for some elements of the Nigerian Government.

After the April deportation incidence, some deported persons informed the press about their traumatic experiences from the deportation and further exploitation in the quarantine Hotel. They blamed government for its lack of concern in their situation. The press took further steps to contact our network after being informed about our quick intervention to de-escalate the situation and avoid further trauma for the already vulnerable deported persons.

With the name our network activist quoted in the Press report, different migration stakeholders like the National commission for Refugees and IDR did reach out to us for more insight based on their interest to look into the issue.

So far on the scandalous deportation experience, the only new development from government was to have a delegation appearing in the usual ceremonial style at the cargo airport landing to observe the deportation arrival. Quoting a statement of one of the deported persons we have been communicating with on phone; “its not enough to just say welcome back to your country, whose country? A country country that does not have any value for its citizens. We are been treated in a very hostile way because this country Nigeria has betrayed us.”

Quoting another deported person who spoke to us; “we expected the Nigerian officials to listen to our different experiences of violence especially the trauma from the mishandling of parents in front of the Children onboard, Its was an absolute abuse of the right of a Child. These children were borne in Europe and only heard and watched the country Nigeria on TV, How can they survive in this hostile country? With today being the last day to end the quarantine, No Official of the Nigerian government or migration stakeholders have visited us hear in the Hotel. The Hotel expenses is even borne by the German Government.

According to a Family who was deported with 2 kids, one of the kids had been through a major operation between the Ear and the neck. There is still a metal chip in there and she requires constant check up. Her Pregnant mother narrated her experiences with the violent arrest that caused her miscarriage at the scene. Notwithstanding the massive bleeding, the doctor assigned for the deportation operation certified her as fit for the flight and the deportation was enforced.

With no provision of medical care for the deported persons, the lady is left without further treatment alongside the many others who may require medical attention. Any health situation reported at the hotel is turned down as they claim it is not their duty to handle their medical care. Our local Team had in December taken responsibility of the medical expenses for a deported and seriously sick lady in this same quarantine Hotel “Excel Oriental Hotel along Airport Road, Ikeja”

We are by this report calling on well meaning Nigerian, the media and other concerns to observe the possible evacuation of the deported persons by tomorrow morning. The most of them are complaining of a situation of been stranded tomorrow. Considering the previous incidences and threat from the Hotel administration. any attempt to stay longer than the check out time atabout 11am will be be meted with Police and Military evacuation


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11 Responses to Panic! Deportees from Germany may face brutal evacuation from Quarantine Hotel in Lagos. 20.06.2022

  1. Kenny says:

    It’s so painful that a country you call home can end up being called a house. If the government can allow itself to be ridiculed they should please uphold the basic human dignity by treated these people with respect. The emotional isolation the deportees go through should be respected and the hotel should not make them go through more tensions and tears. Nigeria government wake up to your mandate of protecting your citizens.


  2. Eferose says:

    What can we do to help is this situation ? This is a sad situation a friend of mine was deported on the 14th I can tell you ,all is not well at home .

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  3. goodluck says:

    The situation is really not good at all,just imagine kids that has no idea of how afrika lifestyle is,are being brought in to suffer,the worst part of it,the german police doesn’t even have respekt for those that will be deported,they see them as nothing,some even get beaten and sustain injuries when they refuse to go with them,being a refugee as black in germany is really not easy,because you have to bear every nonsense you come across

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  4. Pea says:

    All kind of deportation means brutal violation of human rights. Everyone can see what’s happening in Nigeria, also all members of the European especially German gov know but ignore it and destroy human lives irresponsibly. Finally open your eyes, stop talking about safe countries of origin and stop deportation immediately!

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  5. Ananymous says:

    It is heartbroken to send people back to their fears. At the moment Africa is not a safe place which Nigeria happened to be the worst. The German government should look for other options to keep the refugee.


  6. Anonymous says:

    Is not easy even me I am passing a lot with my kids I lost my wife and my kids were giving birth here in Germany but they still want we to Go back is only good help of this group will are still leaving


  7. Anonymous says:

    Being a Refugee is not a crime,the minister of Foreign Affairs should be hold responsible,please signing deportation to Nigeria if you dont have plans for them

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  8. Soneye Abdul-Azeez says:

    The deportees should organize and press their demands before the Ministry of foreign affairs. This kind of unfair treatment should receive public attention. Victims and affected families should talk. The Nigerian government would take responsibility until it becomes a national discourse.

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  9. LEKE AREMU says:

    We have to look for way forward on how to stop the Massive deportation from Europe especially in Germany…😡😡😡

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  10. These horrible incident of deportation illegally must stop!, The Nigerian government recently signed a document to pass our natural gas to Europe for free and this is not supposed to be happening to Nigerian people in Europe. Very sad!


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