Germany host deportation to Nigeria on 18.10.2022

Another batch of 26 persons were this morning deported onboard a Titan Airways flight from München to Lagos. The deported persons arrived this afternoon at the Lagos cargo airport to be received by officials of the Nigerian Immigration service in presence of Nigerian security agencies and a delegation from the German Embassy in Lagos.

With violence and massive Police presence as usual, Germany leads with the enforcement of 17 (65%) deportation to be followed by 7 deportation from Austria and 1 deportation from Hungary and Lithuania respectively. Onboard was a single Lady among 25 Males.

During our interaction with different cases of persons held in deported custody, it was very obvious that states like Bavaria was very determined to enforce massive deportation of the many who should have in one way or the other benefited from the yet to be passed asylum amendments “so-called Chance Aufenthalt”. The new asylum amendment is expected as another opportunity to regularize many years survivors of the German asylum limbo.

Through our months of political pressure on the issue, the coalition government of Baden Württemberg had last week declared its stand to suspend the deportation of asylum seekers who appears to fulfill the criteria for so-called “Chance Aufenthalt”. We do hope to verify this stand from our further interaction with the deported persons who have just arrived in Lagos today.

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