What happens in Libya concerns us !

The situation of refugees in Libya is unbearable: Migrants are detained in camps that the German embassy had in 2017 compared to as a concentration camps with Torture and sexual violence as the order of the day.

Although the situation outside the camps appears to be better, Migrants from sub-Saharan Africa continue to experience racism and to struggle for their daily survival. Even those who are been recgnised by the UN as Refugees are living in squalor on the streets.

While refugees in Libya organize themselves to demand for their right to protection under harsh conditions in Libya, the EU turns has virtually turned a deaf ear as they continue with their tradition to criminalize refugees, enforce massive deportation with expansion of the Fortress Europe.

Network Refugees4Refugees and Legal Cafe in Stuttgart will host David Yambio for an exchange on the actual situation of refugees in Libya. He is the spokesperson for the Libyan refugees protest movement “Refugees in Libya”. David did spend a long time in Libya but now lives in Italy. He had in December 2022, co-initiated the UNFAIR protest in front of the UN Refugee Agency headquarters in Geneva.

Venue: Legal Cafe, Bad Canstatt Stuttgart

Date / Time: Wed. 15. March 2023 at 6.30PM

For those intending to join the exchange online, please send an email to; refugees4refugees@gmx.de

About Network Refugees4Refugees

Platform for Self-organisation of Refugees
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