Germany deports Minors in absolutely dehumanising conditions

A mother with her four Kids were on Monday last week caught up in a tragic deportation experience as the German Police invaded their residence in Kempten at about 10pm. The minors are still unable to figure out how their lives could all of a sudden take a downturn after they were bundled out by German policemen, handcuffed and heavily policed like criminals as they were driven by Police officers for about four hours to reach Frankfurt Airport.

The family who had lived all their lives in Europe were deported together with another single mother and her 4 years old son with 33 others who were randomly picked up from different European cities (Germany, Austria, Luxembourg and Sweden) and finally deported with massive violence and police presence onboard a Privilege Style machine to Lagos on Tuesday 16. May 2023.

The children are still unable to imagine how they could all of a sudden find themselves in an absolutely different environment, totally stripped of their identity, rights, and privileges as growing up Kids in Germany who spontaneously found themselves dumped and abandoned in Nigeria. The eldest of the 17 years old twin could not hold back her tears, she had just been offered admission into an Acting academy in Munchen, school fees paid but here she is, in a somewhat unknown environment where she can cannot communicate like in the German society where she has been socialised all her life.

Having gone through such a terrible and dehumanising deportation experiences as minors (11, 14, 17), their mental state and that of their mother is in total shambles. Their hopes is to be back in Germany to continue their normal lives as they cannot understand why they should be cut up with such racist and brutal migration policy that they knew nothing about.


In an effort to avoid situations of being stranded on arrival as niether the deportation enforcing country nor the Nigerian Government is concerned about the situation of persons after their deportation, the DERS team were on ground to provide the necessary emergency support for the arriving deported persons. The deported family and a few other are temporarily accommodated in the DERS shelter, Lagos.

We are calling on activist, press, solidarity persons and groups to connect with us in this struggle to denounce the Germany culture of racism even against innocent children. Join us to expose the double standards migration politics of the German state, demand a stop to all forms of deportation with an urgent demand for the return of the deported family back to Germany.

For more info;
Tel.: +234.8173463700 (auch wazapp)  or  +49.15172207248 (auch signal/telegram)


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