10.8.2022. Heute startet in Hannover eine Charter-Abschiebe-Flug nach Lagos/Nigeria.

Unter der Federführung Deutschlands werden seit letztem März jeden Monat geflüchtete Menschen   von Europa nach Nigeria deportiert. Während sich in Nigeria die wirtschaftliche Situation katastrophal verschlechtert, forciert Europa die Abschiebungen dorthin.

In den letzten Tagen wurden in ganz Deutschland überfallartig Menschen festgenommen. Familien wurden auseinandergerissen. Alleinstehende Mütter mit ihren Kindern werden genauso erbarmungslos deportiert wie Kranke. Im Vorfeld werden Geflüchtete kriminalisiert: Ihnen werden illegale Einreise, Aufenthalt ohne Erlaubnis und mangelnde Mitwirkung zum Beispiel bei der Passbeschaffung vorgeworfen. Viele der Deportierten arbeiten und leben schon über fünf Jahre in Deutschland und haben sich nichts zu Schulden kommen lassen. Offenbar sollen sie noch schnell abgeschoben werden, bevor sie die Chancen des sogenannten “Chancen-Aufenthaltsrechts” nutzen, das im Herbst im Bundestag verabschiedet werden soll.

Auch nigerianische Staatsangehörige, die vor dem Krieg in der Ukraine geflohen sind, wurden festgenommen und abgeschoben.

Die Lebenssituation in Nigeria ist katastrophal, die Inflation treibt dort die Lebensmittelpreise in unerschwingliche Höhen, Hunger greift um sich. Die Sicherheitslage ist so schlecht wie noch nie.    Boko-Haram-Terror, Gewalt, Überfälle und Entführungen erzeugen ein Klima der ständigen Angst.    Die Deportierten landen in Lagos mittellos auf der Straße. Besonders gefährdet sind alleinstehende Frauen, Kinder und Kranke.

Wir fordern die Bundesregierung vor diesem Hintergrund auf, die Abschiebungen sofort zu stoppen.   Ihr ganzes Gerede von den “europäischen Werten” klingt in unseren Ohren nur zynisch, solange Sie Menschen ihrer Lebensperspektive berauben.

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Beware ! Plans to offer residency opportunities for asylum seekers in Germany.

Over the last months, asylum seekers have continued calling to confirm the reality of media reports on Germany`s plans to favor asylum especially the many who are living in years of limbo in Germany. There is no doubt that many Asylum seekers and many other members of the German society are optimistic about propaganda of any new government at this very beginning.

From a critical point of view, a very practical change is the removal of proof of German knowledge as a visa application criteria for persons intending to join a family member in Germany. Based on the German status quo, we are not convinced about the plans to make integration easier for asylum seekers (access to integration courses and vocational language).

On the issue off opportunities available to asylum seekers, “same old story”. Its just a deceptive reduction in the period that makes you eligible to apply for the so-called residence opportunity (Chancen-Aufenthaltsrecht).

While political and charity organizations continue to criticize some aspects of the propaganda draft and in some cases negotiating compromises, a larger mass of migrant community are once again reminded of the need to be visible and take position in the struggle against repeated beautified repression of asylum seekers and migrants in Germany.

As a community of those who are directly affected by these racist discriminating policies, any attempt to just remain silent, waiting, hoping and praying for manner to fall from this German democratic heaven will mean further disaster for many migrants and refugees especially those who are already trapped in the German limbo situation.

Questions that we need to ask ourselves are;

What does it actually mean to live with Duldung.

How can one survive the Duldung Criminalization without Passport (living with Work ban and other restrictions, deportation) and consider these points as major requirement for eligibility.

Please take note of this statement in any of the media reporting on the issue;

Criminals and persons who have demonstrably made false statements about their identity will not be given this opportunity. Furthermore, tolerated persons who have committed criminal offence are to be deported more consistently.

* Not cooperating in obtaining identity document to facilitate your deportation is a criminal offence.

Join us in the online networking meeting to elaborate on these and many more issues to liberate you minds. https://fluechtlingsrat-bw.de/veranstaltungen/austauschtreffen-fuer-politisch-aktive-gefluechtete-2/

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Panic! Deportees from Germany may face brutal evacuation from Quarantine Hotel in Lagos. 20.06.2022

Quarantine period for the batch of 34 deported persons from Europe to Lagos will end today, the affected persons will be expected to check out from the Hotel by tomorrow morning or face violent evacuation as the case may be. These deported persons were deported on Tuesday June 14 onboard an Evelop Machine to arrive after midday at the cargo session of the Lagos Airport.

Notwithstanding our criticism, challenging the Nigerian government to own up to its responsibility for deported persons to Nigerians and at the same time take a bold stand to confront Germany`s arrogance and disrespect for Nigerian and its citizens, its seeming clearer now that these deportation is Big either for some elements of the Nigerian Government.

After the April deportation incidence, some deported persons informed the press about their traumatic experiences from the deportation and further exploitation in the quarantine Hotel. They blamed government for its lack of concern in their situation. The press took further steps to contact our network after being informed about our quick intervention to de-escalate the situation and avoid further trauma for the already vulnerable deported persons.

With the name our network activist quoted in the Press report, different migration stakeholders like the National commission for Refugees and IDR did reach out to us for more insight based on their interest to look into the issue.

So far on the scandalous deportation experience, the only new development from government was to have a delegation appearing in the usual ceremonial style at the cargo airport landing to observe the deportation arrival. Quoting a statement of one of the deported persons we have been communicating with on phone; “its not enough to just say welcome back to your country, whose country? A country country that does not have any value for its citizens. We are been treated in a very hostile way because this country Nigeria has betrayed us.”

Quoting another deported person who spoke to us; “we expected the Nigerian officials to listen to our different experiences of violence especially the trauma from the mishandling of parents in front of the Children onboard, Its was an absolute abuse of the right of a Child. These children were borne in Europe and only heard and watched the country Nigeria on TV, How can they survive in this hostile country? With today being the last day to end the quarantine, No Official of the Nigerian government or migration stakeholders have visited us hear in the Hotel. The Hotel expenses is even borne by the German Government.

According to a Family who was deported with 2 kids, one of the kids had been through a major operation between the Ear and the neck. There is still a metal chip in there and she requires constant check up. Her Pregnant mother narrated her experiences with the violent arrest that caused her miscarriage at the scene. Notwithstanding the massive bleeding, the doctor assigned for the deportation operation certified her as fit for the flight and the deportation was enforced.

With no provision of medical care for the deported persons, the lady is left without further treatment alongside the many others who may require medical attention. Any health situation reported at the hotel is turned down as they claim it is not their duty to handle their medical care. Our local Team had in December taken responsibility of the medical expenses for a deported and seriously sick lady in this same quarantine Hotel “Excel Oriental Hotel along Airport Road, Ikeja”

We are by this report calling on well meaning Nigerian, the media and other concerns to observe the possible evacuation of the deported persons by tomorrow morning. The most of them are complaining of a situation of been stranded tomorrow. Considering the previous incidences and threat from the Hotel administration. any attempt to stay longer than the check out time atabout 11am will be be meted with Police and Military evacuation

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Pressemitteilung 13.06.22

Mit Corona und der Ukraine ist in Vergessenheit geraten wie sich die Situation von Flüchtlingen aktuell in Deutschland entwickelt hat. Als selbstorganisierte Flüchtlinge müssen wir aus den Abschiebungen der letzten 12 Monate eine erschreckende Situation aus Fällen extensiver Gewalt und offensichtlicher Verfehlung der Integrationsziele bilanzieren. Wir sind im Austausch mit den Betroffenen, die uns nach den Abschiebungen von ihrer Situation berichten. Diese Abschiebepraxis muss ein Ende finden, dann auch die kommende Abschiebung am Dienstag, den 14.06.22 wird dem ein weiteres trauriges Kapitel hinzufügen.

Johnson A. sprang am 9.05.22 aus Verzweiflung aus dem 2. Stock der Flüchtlingsunterkunft in Ludwigsburg, als Polizeibeamte ihn für die Abschiebung am Folgetag abholen wollten. Traumatisiert und mit zwei gebrochenen Beinen ist seine Situation jetzt dramatischer den je. Nach der Operation an beiden Beinen im Klinikum Ludwigsburg ist er auf unbestimmte Zeit auf den Rollstuhl angewiesen.

Ebenfalls am 9.05.22 wird der 24-jährige Goodwill O. am Abend des 1. Tages seiner Abschlussprüfungen seiner 3-jährigen Friseur-Ausbildung an der Gewerblichen Schule Waiblingen abgeholt und abgeschoben. Alle Anstrengungen und Hoffnungen nach 3 Jahren Ausbildung, mit einem Hungerlohn, enden für Goodwill nach acht Tagen Quarantine in Lagos (Nigeria) auf der Straße. Die Prüfungen am 9. Mai hat Goodwill O. bestanden, während des 2. Prüfungstages am 10. Mai sitzt er gefesselt im Abschiebeflug. Der Fürsprache seiner Ausbilderin bleibt Seitens der Behörde unbeantwortet. Im Dezember 2016 war er nach Deutschland gekommen, 2019 hatte er seinen Hauptschulabschluss gemacht. Am 26.06.22 wäre seine praktische Abschlussprüfung gewesen.

Maria Juliet O. wird bei ihrer Abschiebung im Juni 2021 gefesselt an den Armen und Händen kopfüber in das Abschiebeflugzeug gebracht. Als sie sich im Flugzeug stehen bleibt, um auf die Ungerechtigkeit ihrer Abschiebung aufmerksam zu machen, bekommt sie von einer Polizeibeamtin mit Polizeistiefel schlagartig die Füße weggetreten. Ihre Beine werden gegen die Metallverschraubungen des Sitzes geschlagen und sie erleidet eine Fraktur und sichtbare Schwellung. Sie weint den ganzen Flug. Es wird ihr nicht geholfen. In Lagos wird sie aus dem Flugzeug gebracht und vom Flughafen verwiesen. Sie leidet bis heute an diesen Schmerzen.

Die 13-jährige Gloria, die 7 Jahre bei Rosenheim zur Maria-Caspar-Filser Schule ging, fließend Deutsch spricht und Nigeria, wie alle ihre Mitschüler:innen nur aus dem Fernseher kennt wurde im Mai 2021, 2 Jahre vor ihrem Abschluss abgeschoben. Seitdem sitzt ohne jede Perspektive in Nigeria fest. Auch ihr 7-jähriger Bruder ging in Deutschland zur Schule und ihr 6-jähriger Bruder hätte im gleichen Jahr eingeschult werden sollen. Zusammen mit ihrer Mutter wurden sie alle abgeschoben. Von ihrem Vater wurde sie getrennt, der wegen seiner Arbeitserlaubnis in Deutschland bleiben durfte.

„Neben dem psychischen Druck, den Fesseln, den Abschiebezellen und den Tritten der Polizeistiefel ist ein Großteil der Brutalität gegen diese Menschen, sie trotz ihrer sogenannten Integration abzuschieben“, bewertet Rex Osa von Refugees for Refugees e.V. die Entwicklung der Abschiebepraxis der neuen Regierung. „Selbstverständlich wollen sich die Menschen integrieren, aber das System erlaubt das nicht. Trotzdem versuchen sie sich selber zu integrieren, aber am Ende kommt trotzdem die Abschiebung. Deutschland hatte zahlreiche Änderungen im Asylgesetz, aber am Ende ist alles auf Anfang, gleich null. Es sind weiterhin Abschiebungen ins Elend und das Leben, die psychische und körperliche Verfassung dieser Menschen wird kaputt gemacht“, weiß Rex Osa zu berichten, der mit alle oben genannten Betroffenen und vielen weiteren persönlich in Deutschland und Nigeria gesprochen hat. „Die Änderungen im Asylgesetz waren immer nur ein Spiel, um die Flüchtlinge zu locken, ihre Pässe abzugeben, doch im Endeffekt führen alle Gesetzesänderungen weiterhin nur zu massiven Abschiebungen“, resümiert Rex Osa, 1. Vorsitzender von Refugees for Refugees.

Für weitere Fragen und Kontakte zu den Betroffenen steht ihnen Herr Rex Osa von Refugees for Refugees zur Verfügung.

Rex Osa
Refugees for Refugees

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Germany must respect human rights and fundamental freedoms! A different asylum policy is demanded!

Invitation to a press conference, Friday 3 December 2021 from 2pm at the vigil on migration, the situation of refugees and deportations in Germany at the corner of Königsstraße/Marstallstraße (opposite H&M near Stuttgart main station).

Demands on the policy Belarus-Poland, Afghanistan/Syria and the asylum policy collective camp concept of deterrence. In a statement to the Conference of Interior Ministers taking place in Stuttgart atthe beginning of December, numerous groups and individuals are calling for a different asylum policy that guarantees respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms in Europe and in the Federal Republic of Germany. People who are fleeing are increasingly being denied their basic and human rights. This development must be stopped immediately, especially since the EU and its member states, through their political, economic and military interventions in the countries of origin of asylum seekers, are partly responsible for crises there, which are often the trigger for flight and migration. The EU must meet this responsibility through fair and functioning asylum and migration law. The human being must be in the foreground!

We demand that the interior ministers of the Länder (executive) disclose the agenda. Again and again, laws against the rights of refugees are passed in ad hoc procedures, which are already prepared in the drawer. Affected persons (organisations), human rights and asylum groups, as well as experts are almost excluded from the procedure.

The statement initiated by the Lager-watch network (short version) is supported by refugee councils of various federal states, local refugee initiatives, self-organised refugee groups, as well as by numerous individuals, among them the mayor Brigitta von Bülow of the city of Cologne.

The statement and the signatories can be found in the attachment to the email and under the following link: LagerWatch_IMK_Kurzversion_EN_20211201

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Charter Deportation Flight from German to Nigeria – 24.08.2021

A charter deportation enforcement flight has just landed in Lagos with 32 deported persons from Germany and Austria. The Air Tanker deportation machine departed München in the early hours of today to arrive at about 1pm this afternoon in Lagos.

All the 32 deported persons were males as 27 among them were from Germany and the other 5 from Austria. From the testimony of one of the deported persons, a pregnant Lady was to be deported with her children from Germany had to be taken away ambulance for urgent medical attention. The lady was said to have slumped in the course of boarding at the München Airport.

So far, there are no information on the actual situation of the lady and her kids. We encourage the Press and other interested members of the society to call on the Federal Police in München to ascertain that she is receiving the adequate medical attention alongside appropriate care for her kids.

We are also informed that the deportation of a lady with her four children was also cancelled and the family released from the Austrian deportation prison as a result of a last minute legal intervention.

For the arriving 32 deported persons, our DERS Team on ground has just confirmed an obligatory 7 days quarantine organized by the Nigerian government before they are allowed to find their way as the case may be.

More updates will be published soon. Tel.: +234.817.346.3700

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Deportation arrival in Lagos – 27.07.2021

Another batch of 35 persons were deported onboard a German – Austrian deportation enforcement operation this morning. Deported persons were 26 persons from Germany and nine others from Austria.

The deportation Machine (Air Tanker) arrived in the Cargo session of the Lagos airport at about 1pm.

Receiving the deported persons were officials of the Nigerian immigration service in the presence of a delegation from the German embassy in Lagos, Nigerian Police and airport officials.

The deported persons were made to undergo the usual immigration profiling that lasted about 2hrs within the landing area and then transported to the gate and left with no form of assistance.

Among the deported persons were a mother deported with her 3 underage children and 3 other single Ladies in the mist of 28 Men with massive police presence as usual.

DERS Team were on ground to observe the situation alongside providing emergency support for the deported persons.

One of the deported young men who spoke with us on Telephone narrated his experience of violence during the enforcement of his deportation in Schweinfurt. He accused the German authority kidnap and then smuggling him into Nigeria.


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Germany host 2 deportation to Nigeria in One Week

While 24 deported persons (23 males and I female) were arriving at the Lagos Cargo Airport on Tuesday 20.09.22, another batch of 40 deported persons (38 males and 2 females) were confronted with a stranded situation after a seven days quarantine period in an Abuja Hotel. The group of 40 persons were received by officials of the Nigerian Immigration service at the Abuja Airport on Wednesday 14.09.22.

While the most recent deportation of the 24 persons (23 males and 1 female) was a German wide deportation operation, the previous deportation of 40 persons (38 males and 2 females) was a joint EU charter deportation operation hosted by Germany. 19 among the 40 deportation was enforced by Germany, followed by Austria with 9 and then Italy and Netherlands with 6 respectively.

From our interactions with the deported persons in quarantine, it was clear that not less than 80% of the deportation enforced from Germany involved asylum seekers who have lived in Germany for more than 5 years. This was a re-affirmation of Germany`s deliberate attempt to massively deport as many as possible asylum seekers who should have been eligible for the many months debated asylum compromise “Chance Aufenthalt” to be passed into Law very soon. The yet to be passed asylum compromise is projected by the New coalition Government as an opportunity to regularize the many who had as at January 2022 survived 5 years of the German asylum limbo.

One could witness the trauma and total frustration as the deported persons narrated their different experiences of violence and abuse from the time of their arrest and onboard the deportation flight. Some of them were even picked up from their working places and deported with just their working cloths. Others were arrested during a deceptive official appointment, on the street or around midnight while they were in Bed.

To at least relieve them of their worries about how to continue their journey further after the quarantine period, a Team of DERS Volunteers had visited the deported persons to disburse funds in facilitation of their further travel from Abuja. The scene of their checking out from the hotel was very pathetic as grown men could not hold back tears as they gathered in front of the Hotel at about 11am on that Wednesday. The situation became chaotic with some of the deported persons as the hotel management finally implored the services of mobile police officer to get them all out of the hotel premises.

Some deported persons narrated the traumatic situation of a mentally sick person as he was seen heading towards the overhead bridge to probably end up under the bridge. There were also cases of persons who had sustained different kinds of injuries through the German police violence. One of them with severe bruises on both his hands and legs had disappeared a few days after their arrival in the quarantine Hotel, another young man who sustained severe ankle joint injuries was arrested and deported even without working aid. He narrated his experience with the hospital as he refused been operated with his hands chained on the Hospital Beds based on his bad experiences with the police here in Germany. He finally found his way to the German embassy in Abuja and then to GIZ from where he received no meaningful help.

The Nigerian embassy in Berlin is once again engaging in such dubious deportation collaboration to facilitate massive deportation of Nigerian who have been living and working here in Germany for many years. Such collaboration had in 2012 led to an occupation of the Nigeria embassy in Berlin. We are hereby sending a strong signal to the embassy to withdraw from such corrupt and colonial practices of issuing electronic travel certificate without any official confirmation of the identity of assumed Nigerians.

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