Deportation to Nigeria, 12.07.2022

Another batch of 30 deported Nigerians including children were this afternoon received by official of the Nigerian Immigration service at the Lagos Cargo airport this afternoon.

These persons were randomly picked up from different European location and conveyed to Munich to be deported onboard a *Privilege Style” charter deportation machine to Nigeria.

With Germany hosting the charter deportation operation of the EU, the flight departed from Munich Airport in the early hours of this morning to arrive in Lagos at about 2pm.

Germany tops the list as usual with 22 enforced deportation onboard, followed by Spain (4), Austria (3) and Hungary (1).

The DERS Volunteers were on ground to observe and follow up further developments on the issue. They will continue to monitor the situation in quarantine and necessary support, when ever the need arises.

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Beware ! Plans to offer residency opportunities for asylum seekers in Germany.

Over the last months, asylum seekers have continued calling to confirm the reality of media reports on Germany`s plans to favor asylum especially the many who are living in years of limbo in Germany. There is no doubt that many Asylum seekers and many other members of the German society are optimistic about propaganda of any new government at this very beginning.

From a critical point of view, a very practical change is the removal of proof of German knowledge as a visa application criteria for persons intending to join a family member in Germany. Based on the German status quo, we are not convinced about the plans to make integration easier for asylum seekers (access to integration courses and vocational language).

On the issue off opportunities available to asylum seekers, “same old story”. Its just a deceptive reduction in the period that makes you eligible to apply for the so-called residence opportunity (Chancen-Aufenthaltsrecht).

While political and charity organizations continue to criticize some aspects of the propaganda draft and in some cases negotiating compromises, a larger mass of migrant community are once again reminded of the need to be visible and take position in the struggle against repeated beautified repression of asylum seekers and migrants in Germany.

As a community of those who are directly affected by these racist discriminating policies, any attempt to just remain silent, waiting, hoping and praying for manner to fall from this German democratic heaven will mean further disaster for many migrants and refugees especially those who are already trapped in the German limbo situation.

Questions that we need to ask ourselves are;

What does it actually mean to live with Duldung.

How can one survive the Duldung Criminalization without Passport (living with Work ban and other restrictions, deportation) and consider these points as major requirement for eligibility.

Please take note of this statement in any of the media reporting on the issue;

Criminals and persons who have demonstrably made false statements about their identity will not be given this opportunity. Furthermore, tolerated persons who have committed criminal offence are to be deported more consistently.

* Not cooperating in obtaining identity document to facilitate your deportation is a criminal offence.

Join us in the online networking meeting to elaborate on these and many more issues to liberate you minds.

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Deportation from UK, 30.06.2022

About 13 persons were deported onboard POP Airline from the UK to Nigeria today.

The POP deportation Machine departed Birmingham around midnight to arrive early this morning in Lagos.

They were received in the early hours of this morning by officers of the Nigerian immigration service. After been taken through the usual immigration profiling, the 13 deported persons were taken into quarantine in an Hotel around the Airport area.

Our DERS colleagues are following up development on the issue and will report in more details about the situation soon.

For more info;


t. 08173463700

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Deported Family stranded in Lagos

At the arrival of the June 14 deportation flight at the cargo section of the Lagos Airport, the 34 arriving deported persons were conveyed to a nearby Hotel, where they are expected to undergo an obligatory quarantine with no expectation from both the Nigeria and Government Government.

At the end of the quarantine period on Monday 20.06.22 with the deported persons expected to checkout and vacate the hotel latest by Tuesday 21.06.22, the affected persons were again confronted with a renewed trauma to figure out where to go as any attempt to remain will amount to forceful ejection.

From our video conference with some of these deported persons, you could feel the frustration and trauma as they gather in smaller groups within the Hotel premises. Also the DERS eye witness also described a scene of people roaming around confusedly between the quarantine Hotel and the nearby ATM belonging to Ecobank. From past deportation incidences, we have observed that many are not able make withdraws using their German Bank cards as they are blocked at the same time the deportation is being enforced.

Shocking was the situation of the deported family who until the last moment awaited a Nigerian or German delegation expected to brief them available opportunity to re-start a new life and otherwise. With a Family father busting into Tears and kneeling on the concrete floor, begging for any form of assistance if only for the sake of the 2 daughters who were deported with them. He could hardly believe that his expectation of the Nigerian Government assistance was only a wild illusion. It was really emotional to see a 6 years old girl consoling the father by patting him on his shoulder with the words “Daddy dont cry again”. The situation was an encouragement for some affected individuals to summon courage.

According to the family, the German police crashed into their apartment in NRW at about 1am on Tuesday June 14. With violent mishandling and Handcuff they were forced out of their apartment into a Police vehicle that conveyed them to the airport from where they were deported in the most inhuman condition with children exposed to such scene of massive police violence and many affected persons and even their parents onboard. The children were woken up from sleep with cloths thrown on them by a police officer who was ordering them to dress up as they have to leave for Nigeria immediately. Both Kids who were born in Germany were woken up to witness police mishandling of their parents. Their weeping and demand that the police should leave their parents alone were ignored.

We are Investigating the accusation that the deportation enforcing Police and Doctor had ignored the lady`s claim of miscarriage to still enforce the deportation at all cost. The family father has since the deportation arrival been complaining of severe internal pains resulting from excessive violence from the Police. Both parents have since Friday been undergoing thorough medical examination at the Lagoon Hospital in Lagos.

The 6 years old daughter also confirmed her parents claim of losing her tooth through the carelessness of a Police officer who had mistakenly hit her on the mouth in an attempt to stop her from running to meet her mother who was away with the police for more than 10minuites. We are also investigating the nature of their daughters neck operation and possible implication of a metal implant on the little girl as she remain stranded with her parents in Lagos Nigeria.

The family is since Tuesday housed in the DERS transit Accommodation center as we figure out the next step to re-start a new life in Nigeria. Our findings on the different accusation will be made available to the public.

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